Tribes 2 - Texture and Sprite replacements

These replace various textures in Tribes 2. Some of these will screw up CRC checking. If you have a problem connecting to a server, try moving them. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image, and click on the name to download. Save the VL2 into your Tribes2/Gamedata/base folder.


Ice Env. Map fix
Fixes Enviroment Map bug in some ice maps

This fixes a bug with Tribes2 where enviroment maps don't show up on many ice maps, such as Katabatic. And the problem was, of all things, a typo. This vl2 replaces sky_ice_blue.dml and should add env. maps to any map that uses that file.


Small OOB grid
Replaces the out of bounds grid

I liked to have the OOB grid enabled, however, I found that it got in the way of my aim often. This OOB grid is thinner and spread farther apart. Best used for Snipers.


Duck Hunt flares
Replaces Flares

For some bizarre reason, I've got a Duck Hunt thing going on recently, and I really don't know why. Anyway, these flares accurately depict what a Duck would do if it had a missile heading to it. (Also see the Zapper skin in the Weapons section.)


Aika flares
Replaces Flares

This is another bizarre replacement. It started off as a joke with some other people about giving missiles something better to blow the crap out of. And this was the result. (Aika is a character from Skies of Arcadia, whom I greatly hate.)


Fina Flags
Replaces Storm and Inferno flags

Another joke replacement. This replaces the Storm and Inferno flag textures.


Tribes 1 Statue replacements
Replaces Statues

Tribes2 featured some "easter egg" statues of the Tribes 1 Light Male, Female, and Heavy armors. This replaces their brass textures with the original Tribes1 skin.


Construction Mod - Base Texture pack
Replaces Textures used in the Construction Mod

I play a ton of the Construction Mod. After a while, I got tired of the standard base Tribes 2 textures used for the different deployable walls and floors, so I made a replacement pack. This is the first one I did.


Construction Mod - Space pack
Replaces Textures used in the Construction Mod

The first texture pack went over really well on the C-Mod forums. I ended up making more. This is the second one I made. It's a space themed pack good for building spaceships and such.


Construction Mod - Wasteland pack
Replaces Textures used in the Construction Mod

This is my third pack. It's based off some of the Wasteland textures.


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