Tribes 2 - Weapon & Pack Skins

Shoot with style! Click on the thumbnail for a larger image, and click on the name to download. Download the VL2 to your Tribes2/Gamedata/base folder.


"Zapper" Duck Hunt Sniper set
Replaces Sniper skin, draw and fire sounds

I'm not exactly sure what inspired this one. The sniper rifle is colored Orange and Creme, like the old NES Zapper. It also comes with three sound replacements, the fire and draw sounds are Duck Hunt inspired, and those that use HalKillSound will hear the Duck Hunt kill chime.


Updated Repair Pack
Replaces the Repair Pack

This is a small skin change I made. I changed the back part of the Pack and made it more reflective.


Hi-Res Satchel Charge
Replaces the Satchel Charge

This is a hi-res Satchel Charge skin. Twice the resolution of the original skin.


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