What Is Going On?

WIGO is impossible to easily describe. It is a client-side mod for Tribes2 that doesn't take itself too seriously. It focuses on aerial combat on a large scale, featuring a wide range of new vehicles, weapons, and equipment for players to fool around with. This mod started with the client-side map Airship Battle, which itself is available on this site. After playing with the map for many hours with friends, I started making minor scripting changes to the vehicles and weapons to make playing the map more enjoyable. This just snowballed from there into what is now known as WIGO.






On top of the 6 default Tribes2 vehicles, WIGO adds a whole set of it's own to the mix. From small stunt fliers to massive airships, there is a little something for the pilot in everyone.

Shrike Turbograv Fighter

A native Tribes 2 vehicle, the Shrike is a single seat Fighter/Interceptor with quick-recharging shields and dual wing-mounted laser cannons. The Shrike has been made faster than the Tribes 2 default and stands in the middle of the WIGO vehicles in maneuverability, defense, and offensive power.

Thundersword Bomber

A native Tribes 2 vehicle, the Thundersword is a three seat Bomber with shields, bombs, and a belly-mounted AA-gun. The Thundersword seats a pilot, a bombardier who controls the on-board weapons, and a tailgunner which is responsible for defending the bomber. The bomber has been made faster than the Tribes 2 default to balance with the large maps.

Havoc Transport

A native Tribes 2 vehicle, the Havoc is an unarmed but shielded six seat transport vehicle. The Havoc has been made faster than the Tribes 2 default, but is still fairly slow and has generally been replaced by the Airship, although it is smaller and shielded.


The Airship is a large six seat transport vehicle designed for aerial combat with cannons. Unlike the Havoc, the Airship is completely unshielded, but makes up for it with an extremely strong hull. Players will mount onto the vehicle as either the pilot, or one of the five mount positions where they will use their own weapons, mainly Cannons or SubCannons, to combat the enemy.

Gandalf Foogray

Created by Porthos, the Gandalf is a one seat fighter vehicle. Gandalf is shielded, and casts fireballs as his weapon. The fireballs aim slightly under reticle in sets of two balls per salvo. The Gandalf is very similar to the Shrike in offensive capability and is generally paired in numbers against Puff.

Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff is an awkward two seat vehicle. The pilot has full control of the vehicle, and a second player can tag along on the tail. Puff is shielded and breathes fire as a weapon.

Mappy Stunt Flyer

The Mappy is the fastest WIGO vehicle as well as the weakest. It seats one pilot and features weak shields and blasters. Generally not suited for combat, but stands a fighting chance against unshielded vehicles. Being small, It is hard to hit and has the advantage of being the only vehicle small enough to enter tight spots. And it's speed allows it to evade fights that it cannot win.

CliffRacer Stunt Flyer

Another stunt flyer, the CliffRacer is a peaceful flying machine. Not as fast as the Mappy, and unarmed, but stronger. The CliffRacer is the only WIGO vehicle that must bank to turn, allowing it to easily do things that other vehicles cannot, such as barrel rolls. It can be very relaxing to fly. You are a leaf on the wind.

Colonial Viper

Originating from the TV show Battlestar Galactica and modeled by Kyyp, the Viper is a single seat fighter/interceptor. The Viper is unshielded and fairly weak, but very fast and mounted with powerful dual chainguns. Companion to the Cylon Raider.

Cylon Raider

Originating from the TV show Battlestar Galactica and modeled by Kyyp, the Raider is a single seat fighter/interceptor. Like the Viper, the Raider is unshielded and fairly weak, but very fast and mounted with powerful dual chainguns. Companion to the Colonial Viper.



WIGO also adds a few new toys for you to play with.


The Cannon is a weapon similar to Tribes 2's Mortar. Designed for use in Airship battles, it shoots long-range arcing projectiles which explode on impact. It is a powerful weapon, however the projectiles have an arming time of a few seconds making it useless in close-range combat.


The SubCannon fills in where the Cannon cannot, firing weak, short-ranged projectiles which explode after a few seconds or two, creating a shockwave blast that is designed to knock enemy airships around.

Laser Gun

The newest WIGO-specific weapon. Kill your enemies with light! It fires small bolts of energy and is not yet complete.

Pyramid Head Pack

Based on the helmet of Silent Hill 2's Pyramid Head, it functions simply as a vanity Energy Pack. I had recently played Silent Hill 2 and thought it'd be a fun addition. Pretty much the story of anything that has been added to the mod.



WIGO has been a bit of a group project and a number of people have helped the project along.

• Samuel Bunn (aka Fina in-game)
All coding/scripting work. 3D art assets (mapping, prefabs, models). 2D art assets (skinning, textures, gui). Audio assets. Putting up with Kyyp.

• Porthos
Some 3D modeling, skinning (Gandalf, Gandalf gibs). Plus a few secret un-released things. I want a second line so here we go.

• Kyyp
Some 3d modeling, skinning (Viper, Cylon). Map prefabs and textures. Lead assistant of bugging Sam for a new version.

• Spazz
He didn't actually do anything but he made this kickass WIGO video that made me work on the mod some more. Make another video, maybe then I'd finish this thing.

Additional thanks to everyone else who has helped test the mod : Aphal, Luigi, Treppenwitz, Kassad, Ratman, Galaknight, Mr. Nutty, Knot



Below are the current full releases and patches available for WIGO.

Name Version Release Date  
•WIGO Client 1.0 Full 1.0 March 21, 2006
•WIGO Client 1.1 Patch 1.1 April 25, 2006
•WIGO Client 1.2 Patch 1.2 June 7, 2006

WIGO requires an up-to-date installation of Tribes2 to play. Instructions for installing the mod are included with the download.


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