Tribes 2 - Player Skins

Marvel in awe at my works of art! :P Click on the thumbnail for a larger image, and click on the name to download.


Silvite Warriors Clan Skin
Hi-Res - All human armors

This is the official skin for my clan, Silvite Warriors. It is the first Tribes 2 skin that I've completed and released. It's based on the Blood Eagle skin, recolored and restyled. This is what I wear all the time.


Hi-Res Bioderm skins
Hi-Res - All Bioderm armors

Hi-Res Horde and Bot Derm skins were included in Tribes 2, however, these skins wouldn't work in multiplayer due to some glitch. This pack forces T2 to use Hi-Res Derm skins for Horde, Storm, and Inferno. Say no to blur.


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