Tribes 2 - Maps

Some new grounds to mess up! Click on the thumbnail for a larger image, and click on the name to download. Save the VL2 files into your Tribes2/Gamedata/base folder.


Lush Flatland
Client Side Map

Flatland is without a doubt, the most popular Construction map. The idea is simple. Limitless completely flat land to build on. But I got tired of the desert, so I made this. It's Flatland, but set in a lush climate. Credit goes to JackTL for the original Flatland map.


Construction Scarabrae
Server Side Map

This is a conversion of the map Scarabrae, converted for use with Constructions. All bases have been removed and replaced with a single small pad in the center of the map with a Vehicle Pad, Inventory Station, and Repair Pack. Everything you need to get started.


Airship Battle
Client Side Map

Airship Battle is quite unique as far as Tribes2 maps come. Inspired by Skies of Arcadia, two teams based on massive flying ships duke it out over a number of islands floating in the sky. The map is designed for Capture and Hold, but supports CTF as well. Version 2.1


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