This is a list of a number of projects that I have worked on, such as mods or maps. Most of the projects listed here are mostly finished or in a playable state and are available for download. Some may still be in development and may me modified further in the future.

There's a new Tribes 2 map up, and the SW Sporty vehicle skin set has been released.


WIGO (What Is Going On?)
Client Side Tribes2 Mod

WIGO is impossible to describe easily. It is a vehicular combat mod for Tribes2 that focuses on aerial dogfighting and team battles with massive airships.


Tribes2 RPG
Client Side Tribes2 Mod

T2RPG is the sequel to the RPG mod for Tribes. The mod allows you to explore a large world, fight with melee weapons and spells, and save your progress with the server.


Skies of Arcadia World

In 2001 Sega released Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast. I really enjoyed the game but couldn't find any community made sites for the game, so I made one myself. It later grew into the largest english SoA website on the internet and is still around today.



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